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All-Vinyl single-hung windows DF3613


Single DF3613

The fixed sash of our DF3613 windows ensures an exceptional airtight seal, setting a new standard in efficiency and reliability for years to come.

Double DF3604

Our DF3604 double-hung windows seamlessly combine performance and easy maintenance. A 15° sloped sill ensures enhanced water drainage, while sturdy coil balances stabilize open sashes.

Standard Features

Sashes fitted with dual spring-loaded security locks and camlock for ease of use.

Double weatherstripping at meeting rail for superior airthightness.

Bottom interior tilt-in sash for DF3613 windows.
Two interior-tilting sashes for DF3604 windows.

1/2“ screen for DF3613 windows.
Full screen for DF3613 windows.

Integrated stylish sash lifts for ease of operation

OPTIONAL features

*Affects the energy efficiency
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Important notice

Actual products may differ from those illustrated on this site. Please refer to your contractor or registered dealer for technical specifications and exact colours.
JELD-WEN recommends that measurements be taken and products installed by a duly qualified party.

The ER and U energy performance properties as well as the ENERGY STAR zone are for information only to guide you in your research. They must be validated with your contractor or your authorized dealer at the time of order. Only the energy performance values indicated on the product labels shall be considered valid.

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