Vinyl Casement Window ES7000


The JELD-WEN Willmar Collection’s vinyl Ener-smart 7000 (Es7000) line offers ample ability to customize your windows to suit your new construction or remodeling projects.
Thoughtful design options, including various brickmould trims and simulated divided lites, provide a more traditional appearance not commonly found in vinyl windows.

Opening wide and outward like a door, casement windows are easy to clean and provide good air circulation. They also close tightly against harsh weather.

Value added standard features

Edgetech super spacer® reduces condensation and improves comfort

Edgetech Super Spacer® offers incredible thermal efficiency, ensuring heat loss is minimized at the glass edge. That means it keeps you more comfortable, and allows for more comfortable humidity levels with reduced worry of condensation.

Edgetech Super Spacer

Ener-Smart 7000 Features

  • The Truth® Encore® operator

    The Truth® Encore® operator provides the most attractive, easiest operating and highest performing hardware, allowing for years of smooth, carefree use. The hardware is sealed to the vinyl frame to minimize air leakage and infiltration.

    Truth Encore Operator
  • Multi-point lock

    Multi-point lock is standard on all casement windows. It securely locks the window in one, two or three points, depending on the windows height.

    • Multi-point lock 1
    • Multi-point lock 2
    • Multi-point lock 3
  • Ajustable, all metal sash snubber

    Particularly important for taller casements, the adjustable, all metal sash snubber ensures the sash tightly seals against the frame. it is also concealed (not exposed to the exterior) to maintain the window’s appearance.

    Metal Sash Snubber

OPTIONAL features

*Affects the energy efficiency
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Important notice

Actual products may differ from those illustrated on this site. Please refer to your contractor or registered dealer for technical specifications and exact colours.
JELD-WEN recommends that measurements be taken and products installed by a duly qualified party.

The ER and U energy performance properties as well as the ENERGY STAR zone are for information only to guide you in your research. They must be validated with your contractor or your authorized dealer at the time of order. Only the energy performance values indicated on the product labels shall be considered valid.

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