Siteline Collection

Natural Wood Double-Hung Windows


This type of window works well with traditional architectural styles.

Double guillotine windows have sliding upper and lower sections which move vertically beside each other in a unique frame design.

They can also be mounted with pivoting shutters to facilitate cleaning.

Available in natural wood or aluminum clad.

Sash corner assembly with mortise and tenon joint and interior glass stop.

Value Added Standard Features

Double weatherstripping at meeting rail for superior aritightness

Bottom sash fitted with dual spring-loaded security locks and camlock for ease of use

Two interior-tilting sashes

Sash locks

Mortised tilt latch for security

Superior energy performance with low-E insulated glass units

Cast metal hardware for exceptional strength and durability

Preserve® Protective Film

Frame Corner Locking Key

BetterVue ™ Screens

AuraLast wood® – Industry-leading limited Lifetime Warranty.

Low-E Insulating Glass
Our standard Low-E insulated glass lowers energy costs, helps homes keep a comfortable temperature year round, prevents fading of interior furnishings, and reduces condensation. It delivers more visible light transmittance than tinted glass, too. We also offer tripane options for increased energy efficiency.
In warm weather, Low-E glass reflects the sun's energy and reduces heat gain in the home.
In cold weather, Low-E glass reduces the amount of heat lost by reflecting it back inside.
Preserve® Protective Film
Preserve® protective film comes standard on our window glass. It is factory-applied to both the interior and exterior surfaces of the glass. This means the glass surfaces will be reliably protected from debris and scratches that can occur during shipping and handling or at a construction site. This means you won’t need to spend extra time cleaning your new windows, and it’s easy to remove. Preserve® Protective film is a trademark of Cardinal Glass Industries®.
*not available on impact-resistant units.
Frame Corner Locking Key
At JELD-WEN, we pride ourselves in our reliable products. Our silicone injected corner key seal adds strength and offers years of reliability.
BetterVue ™ Screens
BetterVue™ screens come standard now with JELD-WEN® Siteline windows. These screens are designed to keep more insects outside, while letting more natural light inside. They feature fine, black fibreglass mesh with a light gloss finish.

Normal View

View through BetterVue ™
insect screen

View through regular
fibreglass insect screen
AuraLast: When reliability matters.
JELD-WEN introduces AuraLast wood, an innovative product in the Canadian window and door industry. We are so convinced of the durability of AuraLast wood that we back our product with a limited Lifetime Warranty on our solid pine windows and doors.

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OPTIONAL features

*Affects the energy efficiency
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Important notice

Actual products may differ from those illustrated on this site. Please refer to your contractor or registered dealer for technical specifications and exact colours.
JELD-WEN recommends that measurements be taken and products installed by a duly qualified party.

The ER and U energy performance properties as well as the ENERGY STAR zone are for information only to guide you in your research. They must be validated with your contractor or your authorized dealer at the time of order. Only the energy performance values indicated on the product labels shall be considered valid.

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