AuraLast® Wood

Enjoy the beauty and warmth of natural wood without the worry. JELD-WEN’s unique AuraLast wood – The Wood That Does Not Rot – features a proprietary water-based wood protection process that better protects your windows and doors from the elements, providing years of long-lasting enjoyment.

AuraLast is a unique, environmentally friendly process that protects wood to the core. This ensures near 100% penetration of protective agents. As a result, nail or screw holes, sanding, or any other woodworking operation will better protect the integrity of your windows and doors from the expense, damage and inconvenience of decaying wood.

The effective ingredients penetrate the core of the wood.

In contrast, other manufacturers use dip-treated wood, which is protected on the surface only. This means the treatment’s effectiveness can be compromised when the surface is altered during installation.

AuraLast protects your windows and doors against:

  • Wood rot. AuraLast Wood windows, doors, frames and components maintain their structural integrity and resist decay, even in harsh climates.
  • Water saturation. AuraLast Wood’s superior water repelling ability helps to protect wood against swelling, sticking and moisture-related damage.
  • Termite infestation. Termites can eat through unprotected wood. AuraLast, with its vacuum-pressure manufacturing process and virtual 100% surface-to-core protection repels termites without the need for additional treatments.

AuraLast Wood offers the strength and beauty of real wood because it is 100 percent real wood. The Auralast treatment is also colourless, odourless, stainable, and contains 96% less Volatile Organic Compounds than traditional solvent-based treatments.

AuraLast - The Wood That Does Not Rot Lifetime Warranty

LIFETIME WARRANTY Guaranteed Protection against Wood Rot

JELD-WEN Wood Windows and Patio Doors made with exclusive AuraLast Wood are guaranteed not to rot for as long as you own and occupy your home. Wood components made from AuraLast Wood maintain their structural integrity even in the toughest climates.

A JELD-WEN Exclusive

Only JELD-WEN makes window and door products with natural pine AuraLast Wood.
(AuraLast is not available for alternate wood species)

Want to learn more about AuraLast Wood? Watch this short, informative video for more information.

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